The Equipment

Here is a little information about the equipment I use as a Professional DJ. I have broken this page into two parts, a non-technical paragraph for people not familiar with professional audio equipment and a detailed section for all you equipment guru's out there.

Here's the simple explanation. There is a difference between the audio equipment for home use and the equipment a Professional Disc Jockey uses, yes - even the cd players. Professional audio equipment is built to go on the road day in and day out and to play for hours on end, day after day continuously. So to insure high reliability from event to event I use only State-of-the-Art professional grade equipment.

Ok, now for you technical guru's...

Speakers: Currently I am giging Cerwin-Vega! Professional and dB Technologies speakers exclusively. All of the Cerwin-Vega! cabinets are of the pre-Stanton buy out of Cerwin-Vega, yes... the good stuff. To the left is a picture of a 3 X 3 array of Cerwin-Vega! Intense! T-250F cabinets on top of Intense! series subs. The Intense! Series sound reinforcement loudspeakers feature high efficiency (108db 1w/1m), enormous output and headroom, wide dynamic range, and very low distortion.

My standard large system consists of 4 T250F's and 4 of the matching SL-36 subs. This system is everything I need to handle anything shy of full touring production. For smaller production I only bring 2 of each of the cabinets. Outdoors you say? Do the math. These compact monsters will maintain over 120db at rated power on axis past 100' away!

For basic weddings and parties I have a pair of Cerwin-Vega! Prostax PS-12 Series II, 3 way 12" full range cabinets.

I also own a pair of dB Technologies speakers model M12-4. Let me tell you these things rock! The M12-4's are a Bi-Amp active cabinet in a very versatile monitor/main setup. These are great as monitors, mains, leave em on the floor, mount them on a stand, or fly them. Great for sound in a seperate room or at a ceremony. Made in Italy and use only the best components, B&C 1" compression driver and 12" 18 Sound woofer.

Amplifiers: The picture to the right is of one of my amp racks. In there you can see 4 amplifiers, 2 Carver Professional PM 1200 and 2 Crown Macrotech 1200's. This rack powers the 4 Cerwin-Vega T-250F's and the 4 Cerwin-Vega SL-36 Subwoofers. Pushing 4800 watts of power combined with the super efficient Cerwin-Vega! professional speakers you can be assured that there are no venues I cannot handle.

Signal Processing: Not shown in the picture to the right is the fully digital 31 band per channel Roland "SRQ-2031" EQ, the DOD "SR RTA" Real Time Analyzer to help EQ for different rooms, or the 24db/octave Ashley "XR 2001" crossover I use to send the correct signals to the right amps. Furman power conditioners keep this stuff safe.

CD Players & Mixers: This is my main mobile rack, it contains a Denon DN-2100F dual CD player system, a Denon DN-X400 Mixer, and a Carver Professional PM 1200 amplifier. To light up the top of this I also have a Gemini GNL-2000 dual gooseneck rackmount light unit.

This system is what I bring to the majority of my mobile gigs and weddings.

The Real Deal: My performance mixing system contains 2 Pioneer CDJ-1000 CD players and a Denon DN-X1500 Mixer.

Turntables? Yes I still have my Technics 1200 MKII's, and occassionally use them, for the right shows that is.

Lighting: This is where my show really shines... no pun intended. I use touring class intelligent lighting fixtures exclusivly. No cheapy stuff here.

4 Martin Robocolor Pro 400 color changers, 4 Highend Systems Technobeam I's, 2 Highend AF1000 Dataflash, 1 Martin Magnum Pro 2000. For suspension of this stuff I use a pair of Mobiltech SP2TA stands.

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