School Dances

You want sound, you will have it! I bring a higher output sound system to high school dances than I bring to a basic wedding or party. Most DJ's have only one system, not me, different events have different needs and a sound system that works for a anniversary party will not do the job in a school gym or auditorium. A sound system with higher output is needed.

A Cerwin-Vega! concert sound system fed by 4800 watts of power will let you know the party is in full effect!

Computer controlled intelligent lighting will set the mood and keep the party going! Concert lighting fixtures changing colors, changing patterns, scanning around the room running in sync to the music. No, this is not your ordinary light show, but then again you do not deserve ordinary, you deserve an exceptional show like this.

Ask about Party Props, like glow sticks, glow necklaces, and much more are available which will propel your school dance to that next level. I'll even due some trivia and give away a few CD's.

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