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Once you've set a date and chosen a location it's time to hire a professional D.J./Entertainer. Don't leave the important details of one of the most special events of your life to an amateur part-timer. The D.J./Entertainer is one of the key elements to a memorable event.

I give a free pre-planning consultation session to work out the details for your reception. I play exclusively from CD's. Music ranges from the Hit's of the 40's right up to today's chart-busters. Requests are always welcome and will be played if appropriate.

I will arrive at least one hour before I am contracted to play so I may have sufficient time to set up. When the guests arrive the music is already playing.

When the wedding party arrives I'll line them up in order of introduction, go over pronounciation of names and give any special instructions they need to know. At this time I will ask the Photographer/Videographer to do the same. It is essential we all know what will be happening.

After the introductions are made the scheduled events begin (First Dance, Toast, Dinner, Father/Daughter Dance, Mother/Son Dance, Cutting of Cake, Garter, Boquet, Dollar Dance, etc). I provide a wireless mic for the Best Man so he may toast from the head table. It's now time for you to have fun. Don't worry about the rest of the day, I will take care of setting the tone, playing the music, interacting with guests, taking requests and teaching fun dances (if needed). To keep your guests informed I will act as your Master of Ceremonies and announce each event as it comes.

Picking your Wedding Songs:
I can customize your special day with a song for every section of your wedding. Need some help, I can provide a list of popular songs for the First Dance, Father/Daughter Dance, and the Mother/Son Dance as well as popular Party Songs and Ballads.

Thinking of having a Theme Wedding:
I can accommodate you by catering to your choice of theme or ethnic style by dressing the part and playing the types of music to that style. Examples include: 70's, Country, Traditional, Beach, Disney, Christian, and much more.

Contacting Me:
If you would like to contact me about DJing your wedding reception, please feel free to call me, you can get the number on the Contact Page.

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